Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Collection update 4/5:

I bought the new Panic! and Yellowcard CDs when they came out back on 3/22, but I forgot to post about 'em.

In other news (really the same news), I also picked up my first Pearl Jam albums on Friday and Sunday: on 4/1, I was at Best Buy waiting for my movie to start, and I nabbed the Vs./Vitalogy/Live at the Orpheum set; and yesterday I picked up Ten: Legacy Edition at Wal-Mart.  I've listened to all three studio albums, and they're all fantastic.  I was expecting them to be pretty similar to Nirvana, but they're almost like a prog-grunge...

EDIT: I forgot about the Linkin Park EP I bought at Best Buy the same day as the Pearl Jam three-pack.  Nothing major, just an 8-track collection of songs from almost a decade of Linkin Park Underground CDs.  Though, it was pretty cool that it was only $.99, marked down from $9.99.