Monday, July 18, 2011

Collection: Phil Collins

Why does everybody hate this guy?

Vinyl is not included on the List
ALBUM: Face Value

Collection: Blink-182

The List: #304
ALBUM: Dude Ranch

The List: #146
ALBUM: Enema of the State

The List: #339
ALBUM: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

The List: #250
ALBUM: Neighborhoods

Final collection update for a while

I haven't posted in a bit, despite having bought a bunch of pretty sweet pieces.

While on a trip to Pittsburgh, I stopped by a record store to browse for some CDs that I couldn't find anywhere else; I think I made off like a thief, nabbing Radiohead's Com Lag (2plus2isfive) EP, and three singles by the Foos: Generator, Low, and Times Like These.

At Best Buy last week, I bought In Your Honor by the Foos and the Sun Giant EP by Fleet Foxes, on the recommendation of an employee.

And on Friday, I decided to kill my music purchasing for a while, and went out with a filled hole in my collection: Radiohead's Amnesiac.  I've been unsure about buying this for a while, since it seems to be the most-hated Radiohead album since Pablo Honey, but for what I have in mind to keep myself from buying, having it felt essential.  Oh, I also picked up a (hopefully rare) 2-track EP by Pearl Jam featuring Neil Young, the Merkinball EP, released as a companion to the Neil Young feat. Pearl Jam album Mirrorball.  Strangely, despite not having a title track, it's considered a single.

I'll get to my plan in another post; right now, I'm going to update the artist pages which need it.