Saturday, May 14, 2011

Collection: The Frames

The List: #163
ALBUM: Burn the Maps

My 98th post! (Now with rollover text!)

And, guess what, it's a collection update!

I nabbed a couple of Pearl Jams yesterday, including (and limited to) Riot Act and Backspacer.  After listening to most of Riot Act, I realized something: much like I've stopped hoping that Weezer will put out another Pinkerton, I've got to stop going in to every Pearl Jam CD expecting more songs like "Once" and "Even Flow". It's almost like they became a different band after Ten; I'd have to listen to their other albums more closely to name specific differences.

Also, my physical copy of I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business's Gold Rush came in the mail on Thursday.  It felt great having it and the photo book I bought with it, knowing that I'd directly helped them fund the recording.